Provider Portal Help

Support Contact Details

If you are experiencing any problems with the WorkSafeBC Provider Portal, or have questions about how to use the portal that are not sufficiently answered by the training materials below, please contact the Provider Portal Support Desk. The Provider Portal Support Desk is operated by Telus Health Solutions and can be reached in the following ways:

Release Notes

Overview of changes to the Provider Portal:

Release Notes for Provider Portal v2.3 - Nov 17, 2012
Release Notes v23.pdf

User Guides

The following reference material and user guides have been assembled to help you with usage of the Provider Portal:

Provider Quick Reference Guide
WorkSafeBC Provider Quick Reference Guide.pdf
General Features
WorkSafeBC Provider Portal User Guide - General.pdf
Access to Invoice and Payment Information
WorkSafeBC Provider Portal User Guide - Access to Payment and Invoice.pdf
WorkSafeBC Provider Portal User Guide - Reporting.pdf
WorkSafeBC Provider Portal User Guide - Invoicing.pdf
Referrals and Cases
WorkSafeBC Provider Portal User Guide - Referrals and Cases.pdf


Documents in this section are intended to clarify the intended use of particular aspects of the Provider Portal. Please review these documents carefully.

Scheduling Best Practices
WorkSafeBC Provider Portal - Best Practices - Scheduling.pdf
Business Process Guide
WorkSafeBC Provider Portal - Business Process Guide - May 24 2012.pdf

Training Videos

Visual documentation of Provider Portal functionality is available below.

Module 1: Portal Overview

Topics covered:

Module 2: Referrals

Topics covered:

Module 3: Cases

Topics covered:

Module 4: Reporting

Topics covered:

Module 5: Invoicing

Topics covered:

Module 6: Payments

Topics covered: